Much-loved baby boy left with brain damage after stroke on first birthday

Much-loved baby boy left with brain damage after stroke on first birthday

A beloved baby boy described as ‘boisterious’ by his family has been left with serious brain damage after suffering a stroke on his first birthday.

Blake Hanchett, 17 months old, is nowmentally and physically disabled and cannotwalk or talk after a series of devastating strokes, reports YorkshireLive.

The alarm was first raised by g randmother Janet after she noticed one of his arms had become floppy, with his mum Kelly, 29, finding his condition had seriously ‘deteriorated’ after she raced over to his aid only five minutes later.

After being taken to hospital, Blake suffered at least four more strokes and spent the next 16 weeks at Leeds General Infirmary.

He returned to the family home in Pocklington, East Yorkshire on July 13, where he lives with mum, dad Chris and older sister Vienna, four.

Blake now requires round-the-clock care, including being fed through a tube and having daily physiotherapy

Kelly, who is Blake’s primary carer, told YorkshireLive: “I am still learning on how to care for him. There’s no disabled people in our family, so this is a new world to us. He needs care in every aspect, he has to be fed through a tube that I give him on a daily basis.”

Doctors believe Blake has a genetic condition that means he was born with narrow carotid arteries in his neck, as well as further narrowed blood vessels that cannot be operated on.

He has also been diagnosed with dystonia, which can causes movement spasms and contractions.

But Kelly revealed his sister Vienna has adapted to her brother’s situation “really well” and now “understands that he is not like other kids”, and said: “She sings to him, gives him cuddly toys and says she wants to play with him.”

“It’s not how we planned this at all. In a way, we are grieving him because we lost what he was, and wish they was how they used to be.”

To help the family raise money for equipment, Blake’s auntie Samantha Munby will soon be braving a bungee jump.

She has already smashed a £150 fundraising goal on the GoFundMe page with a current total of £3,000, and is welcoming further donations.